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Sudan’s secret peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia


Mohammed Amin, a journalist based in Khartoum, reports Eritrea and Ethiopia are in ‘secret talks’ mediated by Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir.  The report says Bashir initiated the indirect talks between leaders of both countries with the view of discussing border and political issues.  Read More…

Update on information controls in Ethiopia


OpenNet Initiative (ONI): ONI conducted testing of filtering in Ethiopia on the ISP Ethio Telecom (formerly ETC) from September 17 to 19, 2012. In total, 1375 unique URLs were tested, with 73 of those URLs found to be blocked. (Lists of URLs tested, as well as URLs found blocked, can be found in the ‘Data’ section at the end of this report.) Blocked content was found to be blocked through the use of forged TCP RST (reset) packets, a method that is not transparent to users.  Read More…

AIDS and the Health Disaster in Ethiopia

World Aids Day [1st of December] has been observed globally and a lookt at the situation in Ethiopia does not lend itself to any kind of optimism. Once again, the regime in place has hidden the real statistics and manipulated selected “experts” to make up beat statements about Aids infection being reduced. Actually, the reality is still bleak.  Read More…


  The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) sends its condolences to the families of Nelson “Madiba” Mandela and the people of South Africa for the passing away the great leader. For us, Nelson Mandela exemplified courage and perseverance, a humane and democratic vision, tenacity and pan Africanism, reconciliation and loyalty to his cause for which he had said from the start he was ready to die.   Mandela passed 27 hard years in prison (18 of them in the notorious Robben’s Island) but never gave up his fight, he did not knuckle under apartheid regime despite all that cruel system tried to break his will and stain his soul.    Read More…

Listen to Mr Bekele Teklu on DW.DE, discussing the Economic implications of Saudi Deporation of Ethiopian workers

Denounce the Murder of Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim, a devout Muslim and the father of seven children, was arrested in Addis Abeba by the security police 29 days ago and taken to the notorious Ma’ekelawi (central) prison. Once there he was accused of being a terrorist under the sweeping anti-terror law (already used to jail journalists), beaten brutally, tortured in the usual cruel way of the Addis Abeba regime.  Read More…

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