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International Child adoptions becoming a New Export Industry and Trade in Ethiopia

By Meron Admasu (Norway):
Around 70 adoption agencies have set up business in Ethiopia and half of them are unregistered. …. the adoption process in Ethiopia is marred by criminal activity and corruption, in recent years. Read More…

Any More U.S. “Stabilization” and Africa Will Collapse

By Peter Van Buren:  In addition, the Pentagon has run a regional air campaign using drones and manned aircraft out of airports and bases around the continent including Camp Lemonnier, Arba Minch airport in Ethiopia, Niamey in Niger and the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, while private contractor-operated surveillance aircraft have flown missions out of Entebbe. Recently, Foreign Policy reported on the existence of a possible drone base in Lamu, Kenya.  Read More…

Perverted curiosity on the History of Ihapa

By Mesfin Mulugeta: 
  There is now a growing interest on the history of EPRP. The curiosity, however, is perverted. It is so because the attempt is not to recount its accomplishment, but the impoverishment of the Ihapa led generation. If a book specially defames the history of EPRP, then in no time people with a broad spectrum of political affinities, flock in to write reviews and critiques.  Why is there such a big concern on the part of Woyane to encourage, publish and distribute books on EPRP history or to be more exact on the Ihapa-led-Generation?  Read More…

A Book Review on “Wore Negari”

By Haile Tolla: 
The book was written mainly on the basis of hearsay, rumors, wild speculations, and to some extent, unwarranted extrapolations from the author's limited experiences in the movement. Consequently, the author comes across as a troubled alcoholic, a drug addict, and a confused neurotic, who blames the victims – the generation the Derg had massacred indiscriminately in order to quash the EPRP, for all the pain our country went through, and for his personal failure to help his poor parents. To understand this misplaced blame, it is helpful to put the authors profile succinctly based on the author's own account. Read More…

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