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President of SOCEPP Gets Death Threats

The president of SOCEPP, renowned poet and human rights advocate Ali Hussein, has received death threats from agents of the repressive regime in Addis Abeba. This is not the first time Ali Hussein has been harassed by the agents of the repressive regime but this latest death threat, received during the holiday season, is particular in that it clearly asserts that Ali and his family would be killed without doubt. Canadian police in Winnipeg are investigating the affair.  Read More…

Statement Issued by Detained Ethiopian Muslim Community’s Arbitration Committee Members

We urge [all Muslims and Christians] to keep preserving on a solid foundation the unity and mutual respect demonstrated among Muslims as well as between Muslims and Christians that came about despite the government’s efforts of creating discord and enmity. For the country to come out of the current turmoil and stride on the path to prosperity, true freedom of religion, equality and mutual respect among people is a prerequisite, not an alternative. In order to prosper together, we must replace fear and suspicion by love and trust.  Read More…

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