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Tenth Anniversary of the Massacre in Gambella


SOCEPP:  On December 13, we observe the tenth anniversary of the massacre of Anuaks in Gambella by the forces of the repressive regime than headed by the late Meles Zenawi. The systematic rampage and murder of Anuaks was ordered by Meles himself with the agreement and prompting of Abaye Tsehaye (still a top official) and Dr. Barnabas. Read More…

Dec. 10 — World Human Rights Day

The observance of the World Human Rights Day every year on December serves the bitter purpose of recalling that Ethiopia’s human rights has worsened. The same is true this year.  Read More…


Sudan’s secret peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia


Mohammed Amin, a journalist based in Khartoum, reports Eritrea and Ethiopia are in ‘secret talks’ mediated by Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir.  The report says Bashir initiated the indirect talks between leaders of both countries with the view of discussing border and political issues.  Read More…

Update on information controls in Ethiopia


OpenNet Initiative (ONI): ONI conducted testing of filtering in Ethiopia on the ISP Ethio Telecom (formerly ETC) from September 17 to 19, 2012. In total, 1375 unique URLs were tested, with 73 of those URLs found to be blocked. (Lists of URLs tested, as well as URLs found blocked, can be found in the ‘Data’ section at the end of this report.) Blocked content was found to be blocked through the use of forged TCP RST (reset) packets, a method that is not transparent to users.  Read More…

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