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Ethnic segregation and fascism of TPLF the Woyanes


By Nathnael Abate:  Ethnic segregation idea was first sowed in the land of Ethiopia by fascist Italians. The country dividing and hate mongering ideology was defeated with the fascist Italians. Later on in 1991 this Ideology was re-introduced by TPLF the bandits of forest. The re-introduced language based segregation was been used by the regime past 23 years. The neo-fascist woyane successfully divided the country by language, culture and history. More over the hate mongering history lessons propaganda advanced to academic areas which teach completely false, clueless and evidence less lessons to the generation. The well-known dictator regime of Ethiopia is the post-messenger and follower of fascist Italians. There are many similarities between the Tigrian liberation front and the invaders of 1936- 1941. Read More…

Shame on You Israel!


SOCEPP:  Right after the tragedy that befell Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia (150,000 deported, some killed, many tortured and all humiliated), it is now the turn of Israel to deport back hundreds of Ethiopians. The man considered a traitor and a criminal by many people in Ethiopia, that is to say Hilawe Yosef now purged and dumped in Israel to serve as ambassador, has, as expected, bent backwards, to assure all that the deportees will be given some money, free air ticket and medical service. He expects us to applaud the government of Israel.  Read More…

US admits helping Mengistu escape


BBC:  The United States embassy in Zimbabwe has confirmed the US was involved in finding a safe haven for the former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam. The embassy said in a statement that then Assistant Secretary of State Hank Cohen had been involved in negotiations which resulted in Mengistu coming to Harare in 1991. … Up to 500 000 people were killed during Mengistu's so-called red terror, according to Amnesty Internationa.  Read More…

Tenth Anniversary of the Massacre in Gambella


SOCEPP:  On December 13, we observe the tenth anniversary of the massacre of Anuaks in Gambella by the forces of the repressive regime than headed by the late Meles Zenawi. The systematic rampage and murder of Anuaks was ordered by Meles himself with the agreement and prompting of Abaye Tsehaye (still a top official) and Dr. Barnabas. Read More…

Dec. 10 — World Human Rights Day

The observance of the World Human Rights Day every year on December serves the bitter purpose of recalling that Ethiopia’s human rights has worsened. The same is true this year.  Read More…

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