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Views from the Tower

Book Review by Hiwot Asfaw: 
After the book came out reviewers have put their thoughts on the book; unfortunately, there is a growing bad habit of reviewers to cheer the métier of the books they reviewed. Gone are the days of “critical reviews”. The “critics” nowadays focus more on the form than on content with very little “appraisals”. In so doing, they loose the art of picking holes.  Read More…


DC, London & Hague in Unison against the Brutal Actions of Saudi

Today, 18th of November 2013, Ethiopians in Washington DC came out in unison for the 2nd day to denounce the brabaric actions of Saudi Regime against Ethiopians there.  Click here and watch photo slides of the protest

Ethiopians in London and Hague cities  also came out in large number and  denounced the brutal actions.   Video/Photo reports of  the protests  will follow soon.  

Ethiopian community protests working conditions in Saudi Arabia

CTV Winnipeg: 
With flags in hand, marchers walked from downtown to the Legislative Building. Many immigrants from Ethiopia and other countries go to Saudi Arabia to work.

Demonstrators say human rights abuses are rampant and the media is turning a blind eye to what goes on.  "This is something we have to speak up against and it starts from us stepping out and holding protests such as this to let media know that we have had enough,” Faven Mergia.“We are standing up for them."  Read More…

Yet Another Odious Regime Against Ethiopians

Debteraw Editorial:
The core source of the humiliation of Ethiopians is none other than the anti-Ethiopian traitorous regime in Addis Abeba. Worldwide protest against the cruel Saudi regime should be accompanied by an international condemnation of the regime in Addis Abeba engaged in human trafficking of the worst kind. It is the duty of Ethiopians to fight this regime and to die or win their own country and not to be easy victims of odious regimes like that of Saudi Arabia. Read More…

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