Solidarity with the People of the Sudan and Algeria

EPRP Press statement (17 June 2019) – After the tragic contravening of the Arab Spring revolts, the revolutionary movements in Algeria and the Sudan have heralded hope to the peoples of Africa and the EPRP continues to express full solidarity with these continuing popular struggles.

As in the past, foreign powers and forces are now also trying to thwart the popular struggle and to maintain the dictatorial status quos under the cover of change and reform. In Ethiopia, such a maneuver has succeeded in part and the ethnic regime has continued under new guises. Middle Eastern, China and Western forces have converged to subvert the struggles, especially that in the Sudan. The military council that has killed more than hundred innocent protesters is being assisted by these forces and their allies. The nomination of the head of the regime in Ethiopia as a mediator is but to incapacitate the popular struggle. The people’s refusal to have any form of military rule is commendable and just as we Ethiopians know what provisional military government means–permanent dictatorship to boot. The mediator himself is in power by opposing and rejecting the popular demand of Ethiopians for an all encompassing transition process and government. His regime is beholden and subservient to Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates and Egypt, the very forces trying to stop the popular struggle of the people of the Sudan.

This being the case the EPRP calls on the people of the Sudan and to reject any and all mediation by the regime in Addis Abeba which is in cahoots with the enemies of the Sudanese people. The solution is not in the African Union Hall in Addis Abeba but in the streets of Khartoum, El Gedaref Atbara, etc..

Full solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese and Algerian people!!
Transition people’s government for all the struggling peoples of Africa !!

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