About Debteraw

This site was launched in November 2005 by concerned Ethiopians residing in London who are deeply angered by the senseless violence which is being inflicted on innocent civilians, opposition leaders, human rights and civic organisations leaders by the brutal and ruthless regime in Addis Ababa.

As Tsegaye Gebre Medhin Lucha (a.k.a. Debteraw), a founding member of the EPRP, former leader of the Ethiopian Student Movement, poet and Amharic language expert, together with some other  leaders and veteran members of the EPRP,  fell into the hands of the EPRDF in June 1991 when they were attacked in Gondar and Gojjam;

As the cases of Tsegaye Gebre Medhin Lucha (a.k.a. Debteraw)  and his  comrades  seem to be "forgotten" both by the local and international human rights bodies but the SOCEPP;

As they are held incommunicado in the many "ghost houses" and secret prisons of Mr. Meles Zenawi regime away  from the ears and eyes of the International Community;

The website is named after DEBTERAW. ThE site is dedicated to Poet Tsegaye Gebremedhin Luccha (also known as Debteraw) & other writers who are the true  fighters for the respect of human rights and freedom of expression and whose engaging works have led them to detention, harassment, torture, exile and even murder by the repressive & brutal regime in Addis Abeba. 

Tsegaye’s whereabouts is still not known but feared executed by TPLF.  (Read more about Debteraw in Amharic)


Our aims are:

  • to be the source of up-to-date information about the current situation in Ethiopia
  • to expose the government misdeeds to the international community
  • to serve as information exchange point particularly for the Ethiopian community in the United Kingdom (including announcement of rallies, meetings, etc.)
  • to lobby for the creation of a genuine democratic political system in Ethiopia
We are campaigning for:

  • immediate end to the use of lethal force, random searches, indiscriminate beatings and mass arrest
  • the release of all political prisoners
  • independent judiciary system
  • free and indpendent media
  • neutral electoral system capable of carrying out free and fair election
  • a change in the current parliamentary rules and practices to ensure that all parties represented in parliament can participate on a fair and representative basis
  • the Ethiopian police and armed forces to play a neutral rule
  • genuine demcoracy, accountablity, transparency and good governance in Ethiopia
God Bless Ethiopia.