Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work


As the old "Gibbon's" saying goes " …Encompassed on all sides by the enemies of their religion; the Ethiopians slept near a thousand years, forgetful of the world by whom they were forgotten ", the innocent Ethiopians have been isolated for several centuries from the rest of the world, just to face the brutals of harsh & bitter poverty at the expense of their rich natural resources & the source of world original history.  Due to Her "Geo-political" position situated at the most sensitive zone of the gIobe, Ethiopia has suffered an immense mass of suppression by outside forces. As a conscious Ethiopian, that is wounded & bleeded from the early age of my Younghood, I don't have any avialable means to protect my Country from such horrible atrocities except that crying on behalf of Ethiopia and its suffering people.

The whole motive of my writings is based on trying to express their (i.e.Ethiopia & Her people) agony in a literary form. Therefore, the Amharic Poem below is embodied with an actual text that exprsses the soul of my motive – "….to cry aloud the bitter conditions of their miserable life & express their deepest agony on their behalf, — to the whole world in general and to the conscious class of Our People (Ethiopians) in particular as well!!. Their non-stop brutal problems are still amissing them now too!!! Thus, my cry through my "PEN" will continue too!! Thank You All!!!



Why I Write?

(The Basic Motive Of My Literary Work!)