About Debteraw

  This site was launched in November 2005 by concerned Ethiopians residing in London who are deeply angered by the senseless violence which is being inflicted on innocent civilians, opposition leaders, human rights and civic organisations leaders by the brutal…

ሌሎች ስለ ገሞራው

ለገሞራው (ግጥም፡ ሐማ ቱማ ጽፎት ፍኖተ ዴሞክራሲ ሬዲዮ እናዳነበበው ያዳምጡ)

የገሞራውን ሕይዎት እና ሥራዎች ለማክበር በለንደን ስለተካሄደው ዝግጅት

የገሞራውን ሕይዎት እና ሥራዎች ለማክበር ስለሚካሄደው ዝግጅት በጀርመን ሬዲዮ ላይ