Director of WHO Cannot be a Criminal

SOCEPP (20 May 2017) – A confirmed criminal from Ethiopia, Dr, Tedros Adhanom, cannot and should not be the director of the World Health Organization. A medical doctor he may be (though this has also been questioned) but the Nazis and dictators have had doctors who condoned and supervised brutal tortures and killings.

Dr Tedros Adhanom was one of the top leaders of the Tigrean Front (TPLF) which has been condemned all over the world as a particularly cruel and repressive regime, a top predator of the free press. It is not the irresponsible testimony of the OMG peddler Bill Gates or that of bought lobbyists that is going to change this truth. The TPLF holds close to 50,000 political prisoners, has murdered more than 3000 protesters since November 2016, practices systematic torture, has declared a state of emergency to repress dissent and is an ethnic discriminatory gang. Dr.Tedros was one of its leaders and close collaborator in the crimes. Moreover, when there appeared a cholera outbreak (which caused some 800 deaths) Tedros was the Minister of Health and cooperated with his friends to hide the fact of the outbreak.

Such a criminal, such a person with a detestable past record cannot be the director of WHO unless it is to besmirch the name of organization. The Ethiopian people know that under Tedros’ tenure the health situation Ethiopia deteriorated gravely and medical care was denied to the vast majority of people on ethnic basis. Political prisoners like Professor Asrat, Major Atanaw Wassie, etc have been pushed to death for lack of timely medical care.  Tedros Adhanom was also part of this crime as a top member of the anti-democratic Tigrean regime. Evidently, Dr. Tedros Adhanom is a Tigrean as the late dictator Meles Zenawi and most of the members of the present dictatorship.

SOCEPP joins the thousands of people protesting against the candidacy of Tedros Adhanom to be Director of WHO and calls on WHO not to soil its name and reputation by naming a criminal as its head. Those who support Dr. Tedros are knowing or unwary backers of a criminal and are sprinkling salt into the gaping wound of the Ethiopian people.pdf_print