03 May 2018 – – – WOrld Press Freedom Day


The world press freedom day does not bring us any good news on the state of affairs in Ethiopia. The regime in place continues as one of the worst predators of the free press. Most, if not all, independent press/media remain outlawed. Critical reporting lands journalists behind bars accused of terrorism. Only pro regime papers are allowed, opposition media for outlawed, radios jammed, journalists hounded and jailed or forced into exile. Press freedom is all but gone.

The repressive regime has decreed a very repressive press law and a so called anti-terror law that makes virtually all dissent an act of terrorism. Recently, the regime has made a hue and cry on its release a few journalists and political prisoners while still keeping thousands in prisons and camps. The martial law in place has landed many more in jail and writing critical articles is still punishable. Censorship is in place though it does not exist officially. Dozens of independent journalists have been forced into exile, many more have been tortured and jailed. This is the reality in Ethiopia where democracy is just demagogy and real politic shields a brutal regime from the condemnation it deserves.