Bring the Red Terror Criminals to Trial

SOCEPP – The fact that Eshetu Alemu, the man called the butcher of Gojjam for killing hundreds, has been apprehended in Amstelveen, Holland, and brought to trial has given hope to the very many seeking closure for the loss of their beloved and their relatives who perished during the terrible time of the State sponsored Red Terror in Ethiopia. As Mugabe is removed from Zimbabwe, Ethiopians hope that the accord he made with Washington to give asylum and protection to the master criminal called Mengsitu Haile Mariam would end and the butcher of Ethiopia will be justifiably deemed a criminal against humanity and brought before a due court of law to respond to his obvious crime against humanity.

Numerous criminals of the Red Terror times are presently found in North America, Europe and Africa. They must all be apprehended and brought before a respectable court of law to confront and answer for their crimes. General Zeleke Beyene, the very man who murdered hundreds in Hararghe and Gojjam (Dangla) is in Frankfurt, Germany accorded asylum if not German nationality. Zegeye Loliso fed political dissidents to crocodiles but he is still free granted asylum. America is the center of the criminals against humanity. The butcher of Gulele, Alemayehu Maru, lives freely as an American in Clinton, Maryland along with other mass butchers. Bezu Wondimagehu, the female monster, is free in Vancouver, Canada. Lieutenant Tesfaye (cento ) and top Red Terror criminals like the top officers of the defunct military regime (colonel Fishea Desta, Fikre Sellasie, the Soviet trained Alemu Abebe, intellectual thugs like Kassahun, and notorious torturers are free and kicking and in Ethiopia. Crimes against humanity in Ethiopia have been ignored for the reasons of real politick and we are not naive enough to think that justice can be meted where it is due without political considerations. The criminals in abroad and inside Ethiopia are known to most Ethiopians. Hassan Ali, the mass murderer of Arba Gugu, is now free and probable even an American citizen. Other criminals are hiding as Opposition figures and pro American militants or as refugees in South Africa. They are all known. But who is to arrest them and bring them to trial?

We praise Holland for bringing Eshetu Alemu to trial. We call on others to do the same. If they do not know the criminals we can tell them who they are and supply them with credible witnesses. Let justice triumph. Bring all mass murderers and criminals to trial and justice. It is the least humanity expects from all.