Crmie against the Ethiopian People

socepp(07 September 2016): Using a fire that started at the notorious KILINTO prison (outside of Addis Abeba), it is reported that the guards opened fire on the prisoners and have killed close to a hundred of them including leaders of the Muslim community, journalists and dissidents. The victims have not yet been named.

The crime of the repressive regime against the people of Ethiopia continue unabated accompanied by a deafening silence on the part of the world, especially those countries that have sustained the regime up to now. With the dead city strikes and overall struggle continuing in Gondar, Gojjam, parts of Wello and Shoa the death toll for the last two months of brutal repression has reached 500 by conservative estimates. Thousands have been rounded up and taken to unidentified places. It is very well known that torture is routine in the detention centers all over Ethiopia. The regime is guilty of ethnic discrimination specially directed against the two major ethnic group, the Oromos and Amharas. It has also continued its plots and machinations to pit one people against the other and is expected to commit more crimes against the people and to use the same to defame and accuse the protesters.

Ethiopians are struggling for their basic human and democratic rights and paying in blood as a consequence. The silence of the foreign powers and their media is expected but condemnable nonetheless.

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Condemn the crimes against the Ethiopian people!
Stop the brutal repression by the regime in Addis Abeba!