Denounce Ethnic Cleansing against Amharas

Thousands of Amharas have been forced out of the Southern Bench Maji zone in what is appearing as a regime instigated ethnic cleansing and daylight expropriation/robbery. The victims have flocked to Addis Abeba and their search for shelter at the Kidist Mariam Church has been blocked by the Meles appointed and much reviled pope called Abune Paulos. The forced eviction of Amharas is continuing.  The ethnic cleansing of Amharas has been going since 1991, the year the Meles group took over power in Addis Abeba. The ruling  group haling from Tigrai incorporated the regions of Welkiat,Tegede, Tselemt and parts of Wello inhabited by Amharas into the now expanded Tigrai region.  Read More…

(Listen the audio report from DW Radio)