How Did the Cunning Abiy Ahmed Get Recognition from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)?

By Habtamu Kebede (January 29, 2024):

Abiy Ahmed, the corrupt dictator of Ethiopia, is a cunning and deceitful individual who would do and say anything to protect his hold on power. The following factual information could highlight his malicious and bizarre behavior. During a visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he reportedly requested to meet the mother of the current UAE head of state.

Despite the unknown intentions behind this meeting, he was granted the opportunity. Upon arriving at her home, he broke down in tears and begged her to adopt him, claiming to have lost both of his parents. He refused to let go of her feet and stood up from the ground.

The unsuspecting woman felt sorry for him and agreed to see him as one of her own sons. She even contacted her son, the leader of the UAE, and convinced him to accept Abiy Ahmed as one of his brothers.

Despite its fairy tale-like nature, this story has been confirmed by people in Abiy Ahmed’s circle. It is not a bizarre tale, but rather a factual account that has been verified by credible sources.

Since then, Abiy Ahmed has received unconditional support from the UAE and it is alleged that the lobbyist firm that secured him an award from the Food and Agriculture Organization was hired by the UAE.

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has been supplying Abiy Ahmed with lethal weapons and drones, which he has used to brutally attack and kill innocent civilians in Ethiopia, specifically in the Amhara, Tigray, and Oromia regions.

The lobbying firm has allegedly been paid millions of dollars to improve Abiy Ahmed’s damaged reputation and to rebrand his image.

Apart from the UAE, individuals with close ties to Abiy Ahmed, such as Moussa Faki, former Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Chairperson of the African Union Commission, are believed to have played a crucial role in supporting Abiy Ahmed’s efforts to receive the FAO award.

What is shocking about the FAO award is that it was given to the despotic ruler, Abiy Ahmed, despite the fact that an estimated twenty five percent of the Ethiopian population are reportedly suffering from malnutrition and starvation, and thousands more have lost their lives as a result.

As many may recall, the corrupt government of Abiy Ahmed embezzled donated wheat and other food items from organizations like USAID that were intended for distribution to impoverished and displaced individuals. Instead of fulfilling its duty to its citizens, the regime chose to export the wheat to other African countries, such as Kenya, in an attempt to showcase its supposed success in achieving food security. This blatant act of corruption highlights the regime’s disregard for the well-being of its own people. To add insult to injury, the regime has used the profits from selling the stolen wheat to purchase weapons and ammunition, which have been used to brutally suppress and harm its own citizens.

The FAO’s award brings attention to the hypocritical and absurd nature of the global organization. On the contrary, it highlights the struggles faced by the Ethiopian people under a tyrannical regime. However, both international and regional organizations have failed to take action and alleviate their suffering. Instead, they have chosen to support and strengthen the oppressive regime. This is exactly why Ethiopians have to solely rely on the brave armed forces of FANO, the only formidable armed resistance force that has the ability to topple the oppressive regime and restore the rule of law in Ethiopia.