It’s natural to hear thunders before the rain ….

Aligaz Yimer ( –
These days and as of many days in the near past, I most often hear people say that almost all significant high ranking positions of the so called federal government [of ‘Ethiopia’] have been held by one ethnic group, needless to say that ethnic group is Oromo. Those people earnestly say that even important diplomatic ties such as with that of the USA and others are solely controlled by extremists1 of the Oromo tribe who are currently busy of creating a new nation in the horn of Africa. These windfall children of TPLF and co. are working day in day out with the help of Ethiopia’s historical enemies to form a country known as Oromia, an Oromia even my computer is confused of its existence and couldn’t figure out what it is meant and hence it’s underlined it with bands of red color now as I am writing this piece. Wonderful ‘Ethiopia’! Ethiopia has become toooo strange.

It is good to have a dream. But it is not advisable; rather, it is not good to suffer from a nightmare. And I guess these children of the Devil, the so called Jawarians and their representatives at Menelik’s Palace and anywhere else in the ‘federal’ structure, are engrossed in a nightmarish world that is detached from the reality. The past 16 months have clearly shown that what people openly say about the hijacked reformative change in Ethiopia is uncompromisingly true; believe me, the fiercest truth is being unfolded in the Horn of Africa. In short, the change is a ‘failurity’, I mean a failure. I personally am extremely fed up of living in a country in which the term success is abused and failure has replaced unsuccessfulness. Failed education; failed economy; failed personality; failed religion; failed social bond; failed discipline; failed what have you. Failed ethics. Failed moral. In brief a failed state, Ethiopia. Am not frightening you. Come and visit us. We are not like the ones about whom the media is propagating in flying colors. Our nation is between life and death.

By the way, in the past 16 months, one of the most mind boggling questions was “is this man really as good as his words?” But thanks to our practical life on the ground, he has proved to be smartest in discourse delivery and ugliest in implementing his discourses. We are dumfounded now. There are some assumptions for his being silent while his ‘racist’ colleagues do whatever they wish to do. 1. Perhaps an internal coup d’état within OLF/ODP might have taken place and his golden words were supposed to vanish in the air. 2. Perhaps he was blackmailed or deceived or intimidated … because of which he was forced to keep quiet even not to oppose the killings and forceful evictions of non-Oromo citizens everywhere in the country. 3. Perhaps he was warned by the higher anti-Ethiopian entity to get orders and instructions from the invisible government led by so called qeerroos whose boss is HE Sheik Jawar Mohammad. 4. Perhaps he is trained to seize power in all means including what he does and doesn’t, too. 5. Perhaps his stay in power is more significant than the survival of the nation, as this has been the case especially during Haile Silasie’s, Mengistu’s, and Meles’ era. They share the same despotism; the same love for power; the same love for fame; these and such personalities give priority to power than anything else. That is why we are always in quagmire. When will we be out of this routine of quagmire? Only God or Allah knows.

Why is it fiercest?

TPLF tried its level best to destroy Ethiopia. Unfortunately, TPLF itself has been destroyed in a top-down fashion. First, its engineer Meles Zenawi left Ethiopia and joined the Netherworld in an unexplainable manner of death, spoilt and disfigured like a miscarried fetus. Second, as an accompany, Meles was followed by Abba Paulos, Commander-in-Chief of the religious wing of TPLF, the fake Patriarch who demeaned and disgraced EOC. From that time on, the sun of TPLF was running fast to set. On the contrary, while most of us were hoping for the rise of the sun of all Ethiopians, which I can say now our hoping was foolish, OPDO/OLF was clandestinely taking roots in the so called federal structure from top to the bottom. Third, as of last year, the ulcerous TPLFites were forced to lead ‘peogenic’ life in hiding somewhere in Tigray. Who did all those miracles? I perfectly know, do not give me names. If your answer is OPDO or ANDM or the PEOPLE, you are wrong. Maybe the dunce ODP may attribute this ‘victory’ to its qeerroo which is quite untrue.

The unavoidable objective realities mentioned here above should give a lesson to the remnants of TPLF including to their masters that the fate of anti-Ethiopian individuals or groups is not that much pleasing as they might expect it to be so. This reciprocal damage has been the tradition of Ethiopians and anti-Ethiopians for ages. Though at times this journey might bring about pyrrhic victories to either of the sides, I hope we have to learn from history and come back to our conscience as soon as possible in order to avoid dramatic self-destruction of historic proportion in a very near future.

Let me conclude. It is good that extremists of the Oromo tribe, like Tigrian extremists, are filling up all vitally important political positions and economic sectors with Oromos. It is good that Oromos, like Tigrian muttonheads, are positively accepting the appointment of theirs and the demotion and dismissal of ‘others’. It is good that history is repeating itself within a year or so since the time the nastiest historical conjuncture is said to have gone for good. It is good that the 70+ % of the people of Ethiopia are becoming aware of what happens when one ethnic governance is replaced by another [ethnic governance]. It is good that Feyyera and Chaltu wipe out Sinshaw and Shewa’erkabish from any economic and political involvement when they are in Palace as Hagos and Abrehet wiped out Guangul and Zuriashworq when the latter were at the same position last year. It is good that even the traffic police in Addis are disproportionally filled with Oromos. It is good, for the time being, that the historical responsibility of (mis)leading Ethiopia is laid upon the shoulders of extremist Oromos and therefore every key position is voraciously being grabbed by them. Nevertheless, every human being should realize that no debt is exempted. With this regard, the ignorance and arrogance of people who refuse to learn from history or even from their friends and neighbors always surprises me. Moreover, with all the astounding knowledge and art of hypnotizing people he is said to have, If little Abiy can’t learn an iota of educational element from the life of his predecessor the Big Liar Meles, what do we expect from the lay? If “the big bread becomes dough,”2 what do we expect of the little bread? …

General Truth… “You reap what you sow.”

1 I used this word, extremists, to refer to those people who are victims of the current tide of ethnicity which is ionized with hatred, greed, and revenge.
2 In Amharic there is a saying “ትልቁ ዳቦ ሊጥ ሆነ” which literally means “The big bread turned into dough.” This saying is employed to express one’s feeling when they get disappointed by someone who fails to meet an expectation.