Kidnappings, Killings and Torture of Amhara Students Intensified

15 January 2020 (SOCEPP) – The regime in Ethiopia is an Oromo ethnic chauvinist regime that has let loose extremists of all sorts on the people with particular focus on ethnic cleansing of innocent Amharas. The foreigners who back the Abiy regime have propagated so much falsehood on the reality that many can be excused if they take the regime in Addis Abeba as a reformist (which it is not) and Ethiopian.

It is actually a continuation of the Tigrean ethnic discriminatory regime (Abiy served it as an official for the last 27 years), the so-called reforms opaque and illusory (most political prisoners are still jailed and disappeared, torture continues, the ethnic cleansing and internal displacement affects millions, attack against journalists is still on and patriotic dissent is frowned upon. The so-called peace with Eritrea may have made the repressive regime in Asmara kosher/halal and lifted the sanctions against it as its allies the Saudis and the UAE wanted but has not brought real peace at all. The Nobel peace prize was a political fiction, clumsily staged to dupe the world.

In the last two years thousands of people have been slaughtered by Oromo mobs organized and backed by the regime and its extremist allies. In Southern Ethiopia. millions of ethnic Gamos and others have been attacked and displaced by the regime’s forces. Of the thousands jailed for protesting in Addis Abeba against the regime’s well orchestrated campaign to change the name and ethnic content of the city hundreds like Adane Asegu, Habtamu Fasika, Kalche Kechemo, Degefu Nda, Humer Argaw, Ermias Chala, Babuto Berza, and many young girls, etc are still languishing in the notorious Kilinto prison and in labor camps like Zwai and Dedesa. Of late, Amhara students in Oromo areas like Dembidolo have been kidnapped Boko Haram style, murdered, tortured, raped and disappeared with not a word from the so called prime minster and his regime. After so many such kidnappings and killings have been seen and the regime condemned by the people, it recently falsely claimed that its forces have liberated 21 kidnapped Amhara students while in actuality 13 female and 4 male students are still in the Oromo kidnapper’s hands and feared dead. To add insult to injury, identified kidnappers and killers are participants in the Oromo front meeting in Addis Abeba supported by the regime itself. No pip has been heard from the international quarters on such violations of rights. No wonder many Ethiopians consider them as accomplices of the Abiy regime which practically stands with the extremist Oromo mobs and so-called Querro gangs.

In Ethiopia, there is a talk of reform and a reality of intensified repression. There is an intensive cover up by the West and as many international self acclaimed human right groups, alas. SOCEPP calls on all democratic forces of the world to pierce through the deceptive propaganda and to realize that the more it is said to change the more it has stayed the same and in the Ethiopian case the more it has worsened.

Stand with the struggle of the Ethiopian people against ethnic cleansing !
Support the Ethiopian popular struggle for human rights and democracy !!
Call for the release of ALL political prisoners !!