Murdered Mebatsion Ali and Tesfaye Tadesse

Mebatsion Ali, also known as Jattene Ali, a former district administrator of Borena, was murdered in a Nairobi Hotel by two TPLF gunmen (both hailed from Tigrai). The killers hid in the Nairobi EPRDF embassy until the embassy was able to secretly take them out of Kenya to Tanzania and to send them back to Ethiopia. At the time, the names of the two killers and the man who denounced Jattene, a Borena born man called Guyo, were exposed in statements made by the EPRP for one. The murder was organized and supervised by TPLF general Haielom (now dead) stationed in Hawassa. Other TPLF agents were later to murder, using a silenced pistol, in the Thika refugee camp just outside of Nairobi, Afewerk Alemseged, a former official in the fallen regime (whose brother Mulugeta Alemseged is still the regime’s important official and ambassador).

Another citizen brutally stabbed to death in another June outside his home is Addis Tesfaye-TadesseAbeba is lawyer, human rights activist and newspaper publisher Tesfaye Tadesse and his killers are still at large as they belong to the security’s death squad in Addis Abeba. Tesfaye’s execution followed the discovery made by the ruling front that he was a clandestine and longtime member of the opposition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party. Come the month of June, we remember his death and the travesty of justice that has not received due condemnation by concerned human rights groups.

The regime in Addis Abeba ordered the murder of Mebatsion and Tesfaye and deserves strong condemnation.

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