Open Letter

To The Catholic University of America,
620 Michigan Ave, N.E.
Washington DC 20064,
1 202 319 5000
To the responsible officials,

I just learnt that your university campus is going to be a conference venue today hosting one of worst modern day criminals and ethnic cleansers from Ethiopia. This hate spewing narrow nationalist has advocated the slaughter of and many other non Oromo people and already caused the deaths of thousands by mobilizing a savage ethnic mob that has up to now burnt more than 40 Orthodox Christian churches. I was surprised to hear your are giving this thug a venue though I was somewhat surprised since your Pope in the Vatican has condemned the savage acts of murder and the burning of churches in Ethiopia.

I have to admit I am more comfortable with your complicity with criminals as you maybe first Americans and Catholics next as the foreign backed terrorist who pretends to be an activist is an American naturalized citizen residing for decades in Minnesota, and an activist well on his way to make genocide a reality. Back in the time of Mussolini, the then Vatican Pope blessed the invading fascist Italian troops and nuns gave their rings to the war chest. More than a million Ethiopians, both Christians and Muslims, died in the war in which Italy spread mustard gas on the innocent people. We have been campaigning the Vatican to admit its historic mistake and to ask an apology from the Ethiopian people and we are still waiting to hear a mea culpa from Rome. This is the Vatican I know, consistent not with the present pope the solid backing of dictators, invaders, murderers and fascists. Not to mention the conspiracy with the CIA against Poland, Allende in Chile, etc…It is of course true that this mad dog was let loose in Ethiopia by none other than ethnic chauvinist prime minister, the same man whom Norway, in its Nordic and American flavored “wisdom” awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In short, the giving of a venue for a disciple of the terrorist Al Shabab, responsible for the savage murder of children and women, the man who publicly called for the decapitation of all Christians, is helping a criminal and committing a gross injustice, again, against all Ethiopians. I hope you will have the decency to cancel the permit you gave to a mass killer.

Hama Tuma
Ethiopian Writer