Peace without Democracy and Democracy without peace

By Dawit Temsegen (Oslo, 22.07.2015)

The literal meaning of peace is when there is no war, no insurgence no hostility and no political turmoil. That is the actual presence, bodily manifestation and an indication of democracy in any country. In short term non-existence of war in any nation is the charisma of the full-fledged democracy. Always westerns declare and basically dictate that if no war in a country then they are certain that there is the practicable framework of Democracy in the country.

For any nation peace is the most important issue and assurance of his well being, security and safety as human being. This is also true in Ethiopian context.The continued existence of peace is also assured by ruling government political system. In that case, the ruling government political ideology and strategy exactly tailored to the direction of the view and the interest of the general public. Particularly, the political leadership or the existing government politics principle and economic policy must be beneficial to the whole nation.

Basically this will be achieved if the economic policy gets successful and trusted with general public for the achievement of its’ goals This is also will be true if citizens actually participated and practice the democratic way of life. Without that is impractical to think that peace without democracy, democracy without peace. Also is impossible to envisage that the existing TPLF is the only choice for the cause of peace and democracy now. TPLF also pretended as they worried about the general public peace. This is simply creating confusion in the people, diversion of people’s attention and cheating for the time being to stay in the Government office.That is to keep the political power until the final time looms.

Therefore, from this point of argument it is impossible to discuss the existence of democracy and peace in Ethiopia. Always TPLF attempted to cheat people simply to stay in the palace and on the power until the real time arrived.And how peace will be assured when we are thinking that there is no a real peace in mind? Basically the difficulties and importance of incidence of peace in Ethiopia is well understood by every part of the societies including young children, elders, young adults and intellectuals.

In that scenario, in Ethiopia in the past and present, and attainment of peace is the burning issue for the general public and an individual and on one has never ignore it. So many literature’s as been written on the issue of peace in Ethiopia people intone about peace, particularly,people deeply broadcast-ed, pried for the occurrence of peace in Ethiopia.Even the Derge or the military junta in his governance era has announced so much about peace with his opponents, like U.S.A Japan, and China.At that time peace has been the biggest issue and for every nation including U.S.A, Japan and China has sought it, however, peace has never been gained.We could remember that each members of Derge government have been congregated from military camps and assumed governance power with the gun point, in Ethiopia. Eventually the Derge government has hatched another junta government who believes with gunpoint, to replace himself, being forced to go to detention center.

This is also an Ethiopian unbelievable recent story that the leader of TPLF who lead Ethiopia for the last 20 years officially declared before international journalist.The first day when he was assuming his political power,in London, he had certainly promised that after that day the gun called “Kalashnikov” has no value in Ethiopia politics. Consequently, most of the citizens, particularly,“peace lovers” have been convinced with his declaration and delighted to see the end of war, but never happen. His speech was full of deception and diametrically opposite.By far and large now in Ethiopia definitely “Kalashnikov” gun has a place and the country overwhelmed with solders who are armed with such guns, pointed at civic society for political reasons. The government has been evidenced war and blood monger until such time. Basically in any nation reliable peace would be matured when there is citizens based democratic political system established, from lower into the higher level.

Actually the phrase “ALL POWER OF THE STATE COMES FROM THE PEOPLE”. Will be assured when multi-party system fostered and the existence of opponent political parties made convinced.The known western politician and author criticized that the existence of democracy is guaranteed when it is possible to see at list, “two different opponent political parties:and run their own political programme in a country, without any segregation. Afterwards, it is possible to speech about the presence of relative democracy in a country, if and only if those political parties never have any embargo’s on their economic and political opinion.Also citizens must have absolute right to vote or not vote to political parties to them grant political power.

That is founded on the general economic and political programmes set by the individual political parties. Now, the situation observed in Ethiopia, both roles for voters and candidates, played by the TPLF not by the citizens. The correct way of implementation of democracy in politics is if all parties possibly participate equally in the election process without restrictions, regardless of their political programme.It is true that their political programmes significantly important to nation, must be brought up to people and people must clearly understand the programme to votes for both parties. Eventually,the winner party will lead the county for limited time frame.

With this regards the voter should never be influenced by any force, any limitation and restrictions set forward to think for which party they will vote for.However, this in not true in Ethiopia and the government is established from one ethnic cluster or ethnic tyranny which is supported by in his image fabricated group lad government. In nightmare, joking and cheating of general public. If Ethiopia is democratic and peaceful country then there would not be a chance that experienced in Libya innocent citizens would not be slaughtered by ISIS militant. That happened due to the citizens fleeing from Ethiopia dictatorship state.In addition to that in day light many citizens have been massacred and their blood not yet deceased and that itself will give them verdict in the near future.I imagined in these circumstances we all understood the importance and existence of full-fledged peace in our society but peace in Ethiopia never exists.The citizens wherever we live our major concern is there is political turmoil due to lack of democratic way political leader’s election. At any time TPLF unable to bring up peace and security to citizen then in Ethiopia war not yet exterminate. At last, it is because of this that the people of Gojam sing the following lyrics even during a wedding ceremony.

There is a cloud over Shewa.
There is a cloud over Gojam.
If this cloud turns into rain,
where will you shelter,
You Core member,
Klashinikov bearer?
Victory will be for the Ethiopian People!!

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