Quote of the Week

Those Little Numbers and People:  Where do people earn the Per Capita Income?  More than one poor starving soul would like to know.  In our countries, numbers live better than people.  How many people prosper in terms of prosperity? How many people find their lives developed by development? … In Central America, the more wretched and desperate the people, the more the statistics smiled and laughed.  During the fifties, sixties and seventies, stormy decades, turbulent times, Central America boasted the highest economic growth rates in the world and the most extensive regional development in the history of human civilization.  In Colombia, rivers of blood merge with rivers of gold. Glories of the economy, years of cheap money, in the midst of euphoria, the country produces cocaine, coffee and crime in insane quantities”. (Source: The Book of Embraces, by Eduardo Galleano, 1992)