Repression Intensified in Ethiopia

06 March 2017: OFFICIALS of the so called Command Post set up to intensify the repression under the State of Emergency have now been forced to admit that the measures adopted have not worked. More than 45,000 people have been rounded up from various places and herded into the 40 degrees C Awash former military posts and barracks. Some of the released have revealed that they were beaten and interrogated. Journalist Ananya Sori and other bloggers are not being treated any better.

In the past months the armed activity of the people in Amba Girorgis, Janamora/Janora,Tsegedie, Armacheho and Quara too and in Welkait has not stopped and many government cadres and torturers have been killed. Patriots have also paid the highest price. The regime had in the past accused some organization sof being behind the popular revolt and the prisoners have been harassed to reveal their membership of opposition organizations. Though the regime has freed some prisoners the majority of the rounded up are still in the hell holes all over the country an nocturnal rounding of alleged activists is even continuing in Addis Abeba, where the new UN secretary general was on a recent visit to laud and praise the repressive regime. A sad déjà vu.

In the regime’s prisons torture is routine. It has not changed. A number of prisoners have been taken to Tigrai from where no prisoner has emerged for the last decades. More and more people are fleeing are risking death than live under the anti people regime. This is the reality and not what the allies of the repressive regime utter as accomplices to the brutality and denial of rights.

Condemn the repression against the people of Ethiopia!pdf_print
Respect the asylum rights of Ethiopian refugees