SBS – Amharic Service Australia: the Voice of Mass Murderers

The Australian SBS radio Amharic service has over the years proved itself to be the voice of mass murderers from Ethiopia who have escaped justice and are living far from the reach of proper justice.

Though media outlets have resorted to silence concerning the ongoing momentous struggle by the Ethiopian people the Amharic Service of the SBS has gone wild with an interview of the former prime minister of Ethiopia, now a born again Christian called Tamrat Layne, to act contrary to the popular struggle. As PM, Tamrat Layne went around Ethiopia calling on the people to rise up against Amharas, fanning hatred and was involved in the horrible crimes of the Tigrean front that assumed power in 1991.  The SBS Amharic service interviews criminals time and again.

There is no surprise in this. The person in charge of this, one KASSAHUN SEBOKA, is a former official of the defunct totalitarian military regime and is himself accused of taking part in Red Terror crimes. What this person practices is not journalism but political marketing and historical revision and cheap marketing of his former colleagues and criminals. How many of these has interviewed and tried to sell?

1. Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam, for 17 years the pro Soviet dictator of Ethiopia, who is accused of crimes against humanity and the killing of almost half a million people . Kassahun  and the ogre are former and present “comrades”. Mengistu is an exile in Zimbabwe.
2.  Fikre Selassies Wegderes;  deputy of Mengistu .  onf of those accused of mass murder and crimes against humanity;
3. Assefa Chebo wanted for crimes against humanity an Red Terror crimes;
4. Sebhat Nega– accused of murders and massacres
5 Abaye Tsehaye– murderer at a mass level using his power.
etc,  etc

More can be mentioned. Many of them have been the guests of SBS Amharic service over the years. SHAME! SHAME!

Previously a signed petition had been sent to the SBS but was ignored.

Close to half a million people were exterminated by the Mengistu regime by the Red Terror and the vicious war waged against those who opposed it.  Mengistu was a respected guest of Kassahun in the SBS Amharic Service

In the past, a petition was signed by many Ethiopians denouncing the prejudicial actions of Kassahun and his SBS Amharic service but the SBS chose to ignore it. Emboldened, he has continued to use the radio as a voice of murderers and criminals.


10 September 2016