Solidarity with Bekele Gerba and other detainees

07 August 2016 (SOCEPP):  Bekele Gerba, vice chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, and his friends were jailed on trumped up charges, mistreated and even tortured according to reports. Denied justice, Bekele Gerba has now gone on a hunger strike to demand his inalienable rights and SOCEPP stand in full solidarity with him and the others.

The repressive regime in Addis Abeba is presently on a violent spree trying to stamp out peaceful protest. Bekele Gerba and other dissenters were jailed under the convenient and illegal anti terrorism law that has practically declared any protest terrorism. Under this law, many journalists and political and religious leaders have been sent behind bars.


SOCEPP has condemned the law and called for the release of all those jailed because of it. Bekele Gerba is in poor health and in danger.

SOCEPP supports his fight for his rights and calls for his immediate release.



Stop the injustice and killings in Ethiopia!