Stop the Collusion with Brutal Regimes to Deport Refugees

08 December 2017 (SOCEPP) – First of all please check the following link to see the agreement between the repressive Ethiopian regime and the EU.

Hard to believe. On the question or issue of migration the EU seems to have lost it all as it frantically and desperately tries to block migration to Europe from nay parts of Africa. Millions have been handed to the brutal regimes of the Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and even Libya where the traffickers have a good time even resorting to the slave trade of black Africans. The EU agreeing with regime in Addis on how to deport Ethiopian refugees back to Ethiopia and promising to work with no other than the murderous the security service of the Tigrean regime (NSIS) defies all common sense and decency. Collaborating with the same body that forced the refugees into exile to have them deported goes against what one can expect from democratic governments vowing to respect human rights.  The fury to keep black Africans away from Europe should not lead the EU to shame itself by making it an ally of anti democratic regimes and dubious practices and agreements.

We call upon the EU to abrogate all such condemnable agreements.

We call on EU countries to cease deportation of refugees.

The way to handle the migration issue is not by striking anti democratic accords or giving millions to repressive regime that are the main causes of the crisis and are involve directly in the trafficking racket.