The Deplorable Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia

SOCEPP ( 21 December 2019) – The regime in Ethiopia benefits from a vast and orchestrated positive campaign in its favour by its Western supporters and even the ethnic cleansing and dictatorial PM has been given the Nobel Peace Prize recently. But, the reality in Ethiopia shows a grim picture of brutal ethnic cleansing, genocide against minorities and Amharas, and an overall trampling on the basic rights of the people.

The regime and its backers claim that all political prisoners have been released but it a vulgar white lie perpetrated to sell the PM as a reformist. Of the more than 45,000 political prisoners held by the Tigrean regime (TPLF) not one fourth were released. The fanfare also hid the sad reality that NONE of the disappeared have been accounted for up to now. Contrary to what the regime and its acolytes claim none of the repressive laws and proclamations (the so called law against Terror, the Constitution, the repressive press law, the law against NGOs, etc) have been rescinded. They are all in place and active. The PM lied in Oslo, unabashed and bluntly. Multi party politics is denied and a continuing joke, the number of political prisoners has been increased, it is not inclusive politics that is in place but exclusive ethnic discriminatory politics. The PM incited in and let loose ethnic fanatics who have burnt churches, committed genocide in many areas, displaced more than 3 million people and blanketed the country with a climate of fear and terror.

The querro regime in place is regime of state sponsored terror of ethnic chauvinism. Once again, the regime is a one ethnic based regime with fascistic brutality as its face and a brutal civil war in its wake with grave consequences for Africa and the world. The repression against journalists is still alive and as the jailing of Abebe Bayou and others indicate on the rise. Though the PM prattles much about love reconciliation and peace he presides over an overtly ethnic discriminatory regime that propagates hate and engages, with regime support, in a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign. Foreigners aside, every Ethiopian knows that the human rights situation in Ethiopia has sunk to a deplorable low and the PM is heading a regime that has come to be a curse on rights of Ethiopians.

Release all political prisoners now!!
Stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ethiopia !!
Stop being collaborators of criminals !!