US Congress “researcher” fled from the South Sudan


Tedros Dagne (or Ted as he likes to call himself), an Ethio American and a longtime US congress "researcher " has fled from South Sudan to the USA, according to the September 24 the Citizen newspaper in Juba, South Susan. Tedros Dagne, a stringent critic of the Khartoum regime, has been accused  by them of being a British agent (at first) and then as a CIA agent. Tedros wass sent to South Sudan by Hilary Clinton and Sudan Rice to be part of the investigation into the corruptoion allegation there and the TPLF gneral Tsadkan is also in Juba working with the US military while PFDJ (Eritrean dissident ) Haile Merkorios (another man accused of close ties with the CIA) worked as UN representative for South Sudan. Previously the pro Meles and much condemned Abdul Aba Bora was also in South Sudan but is now assigned to Darfur to fulfill CIA directives.  Tedros Dagne had to flee, (like the late Garang's son who fled to Nairob) because he got too close to the sources of the high level corruption in South Sudan. Though he had reportedly the support of the South Sudan president the latter is himself deep in the corruption mess and Tedros reportedly  had to flee fearing for his life.