By Hama: The world is being ravaged and its economy decimated by an invisible enemy called Covid19 partly because of ill-advised decisions made by some short-sighted world leaders. Not too long ago the most incompetent and dubious individual was appointed to head the most prominent international public health organization, the WHO.  Heaven forbid if, even inadvertently, I back or support any position taken by the man occupying the White House.  My condemnation of the WHO head, Tedros Adhanom, has nothing to do with the diatribe of Donald Trump, who is using the WHO as a scapegoat to cover up his own failings. My condemnation of the inept WHO Chief is my very own and that of my millions of Ethiopian countrymen who had suffered in his hands. In a very unfortunate and twisted fate of history the two important institutions (the US government and the WHO) that potentially could and should combat Covid19 are run by these two inept individuals.

Who is Tedros Adhanom?

Not that it matters, but precisely speaking, Tedros Adhanom is not an Ethiopian. He was born in Serae, a native of the now independent country called Eritrea. He joined the totalitarian and ethnic separatist organization called the TPLF, led by the late Meles Zenawi, and claimed to be an Ethiopian. Many consider him a mole within the TPLF working for the ruthless Eritrean dictator, Isaias Afewerki. Adhanom made his way to be one of the top power wielders and in this capacity he participated for years in the crimes and massacres undertaken by the regime against the people of Ethiopia. As a health minister and later as a foreign minister, Adhanom is accused of human rights abuses, ranging from organized kidnapping, mass arrest and disappearances of dissidents within the country and abroad. He unashamedly ordered the cover up of two cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens. When he was the head of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health he took part in ethnic cleansing, allegedly colliding with the Bill Gates foundation, by giving sterilization pills to women of child bearing age from the Amhara ethnic group. Considered the number one mortal enemy by Adhanom’s TPLF ruling clique, for far too long the Amharas are subjected to ethnic condemnation, suffering and extermination.

How did Adhanom become the head of the WHO?

Adhanom and his TPLF cliques enjoyed the support of Washington for a long time. Ever since its inception, both Republican and Democratic administrations in Washington backed, supported and financed the repressive Adhanom’s TPLF regime. President Obama and his administration gave a blessing to the regime by: (1) paying a state visit to Ethiopia, the first American President ever to visit the country and; (2) Obama officially and publicly endorsing the discredited 2015 Ethiopian election as free, fair and democratic. ’ and declared that he fully endorses the bogus and rigged election result in which the regime claimed to have won 100% of the parliament seats and made even its staunch ally, Susan Rice, laugh derisively in public.

China and the West gave blind support to the Ethiopian regime knowing full well that the country’s economy is failing, and human right abuses and repression of dissent are common practice. They conveniently give lip service to the dubiously cooked up double-digit economic growth reported year after year by the TPLF regime, while millions starved and depended on foreign food aid, and China took over almost every sector of the country’s economy.

Bill Gates lauded the ruined Ethiopian health system and praised Adhanom as a competent leader and Adhanom inevitably became the ideal candidate and potential man of Washington at the WHO. It did not take much pressure and bribery from Washington for many African leaders, forever satisfied by window dressings against the real interests of the African people, to support Adhanom as Africa’s candidate. Ethiopians residing all over the world opposed Adhanom’s candidacy to such an important office, and many petitions were signed. But to no avail, as Washington imagined it had its man in place. China, with its own secretive agenda also cautiously backed its man to the post. It is to be noted that Adhanom’s predecessor as foreign minister, Seyoum Mesfin, was made ambassador to China and played a role in linking Adhanom to Beijing.

Adhanom, as a foreign minister, lobbied foreign officials, bribed some and hired foreign experts using Ethiopian tax-payers money for advice, to gain support and to brush up his image.  As it turned out, nobody heeded the Kashmiri saying – ‘giving advice to a stupid man is like giving salt to a squirrel’. It is with all this background that this incompetent and dubious character ended up being the Director of WHO.

Adhanom has been and continues to be a mouthpiece of the Chinese government. In the middle of the Covid19 outbreak, despite serious concerns by the international community and continuous warnings by doctors from China, the WHO head declared that there is ‘no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus’ and congratulated China for ‘setting a new standard for the outbreak response’. This is what has made the hue and cry against Adhanom by the West more like the dog barking after the hyenas had left kind of thing. They should have known what is in the package before they bought and wrapped it up. Adhanom is also trying cover his falling out with the west in a racial garb and African dupes, including some Ethiopian dupes.  The Western media cries now on the cholera that Tedros covered up (as if they did not know of it before). Hypocrisy of the highest order!

The Ovambos forgot to tell the Chinese that a bat is not a bird, but this is a strange world and the Chinese are covering up their responsibilities and faults and fouling themselves with their crude racism against Africans. For those who thought China was an honest friend, the virus has given them a rude awakening. The Chinese are and were always racist and China is a red hot, hungry, imperialist plundering power. And once again, every bad thing is not all bad, a disaster can hold within it some good. The corona virus has shown the world how low America has sunk by electing and being led by a cabal of racist mindless people with Trump as their chief. The shortcomings of the Supper Power are glaringly plenty and surfaced in the open when the Covid19 crisis broke – from the shortage of medical equipment and gowns, masks and gloves etc., and to this was added the evening show of a press conference where the president of the Supper Power played a doctor on live TV. His suggestion that people should inject themselves with antiseptics/detergents to get rid of the virus is a timeless joke and one for the ages. Ethiopians who drink Javel-like detergent liquid to commit suicide are pleased to find another use for the cleansing agents. It is so ironic that Trump’s pathological lies and the stupidity of his special advisors, (like Kelly Conway openly declaring the existence of other 18 ‘Covid’ attacks prior to the current one) has become an indirect line of defense for the WHO and its incompetent director. For the ethnic cleanser of a regime present in Ethiopia, depopulation of the hated Amharas will be welcome.
Today, it is not of any significant importance if Tedros Adhanom was ever really a capable medical doctor. Forged doctors and professors are aplenty in Ethiopia including the rascal to whom they gave the Nobel Peace Prize. Adhanom was appointed as the director of WHO because the Chinese, Bill Gates and Washington wanted him to be there. Who cares if Ethiopians were denouncing him? Now the West is riling against him because he proved to be a lame horse and more obliged to Beijing than to Washington. As to the eternally duped African leaders who play along forever sleeping what S.Senghor called “the great sleep of the negro”, suffice it say that they are the first problems of us Africans.

Do get rid of Tedros Adhanom but in the same vein do send away the catastrophe or calamity in the White House called an idiot by his own mother. And do block anything from the anti-African called Bill Gates.
And no detergent to drink or inject, no China or Bill Gates’ vaccine please.