Condemn the Violent Repression in Ethiopia

SOCEPP (29 June 2019) – Hiding under the flimsy cover of a ridiculous claim of an attempted coup d’état, the regime in Addis Abeba has unleashed its long prepared plan of massive repression against dissidents, especially those who are Amharas. More than a thousand dissidents have been rounded up from Bahr Dar and Addis Abeba including those who had opposed the ethnic regime’s plan to change the makeup and name of Addis Abeba.

The regime attempted to arrest or kill General Asaminew Tsige, the head security of the Amhara region who had been jailed for nine years and brutally tortured by Tigrean rulers. General Asaminew opposed the present regime’s continued repression of Amharas and their eviction from their land and their massive displacement. In other words, he opposed the ongoing ethnic cleansing by the rulers who are confirmed Oromo narrow nationalists with a particular hatred of the Amhara people. There was no coup d’état but just planned executions and massive arrests of all type of dissidents opposing the narrow nationalist of the ethnic chauvinists in power who are actually a continuation of the TPLF EPRDF rule. It is to be remembered that in the last year alone close to 3 million people have been violently displaced internally and hundreds more killed by ethnic mobs sponsored by the regime itself. Burayu, Gedeo, Shashemene, Legetafo, Attaye, Dembi Dolo,etc… the killing fields are too many in just one year. That the sponsors of the regime have chosen to keep silent or to echo the coup narrative is not a surprise to Ethiopians who had been the victims of the political support given to the dictatorship for the last 28 years.

Stop the violent repression against dissidents and Amharas!
Release all the political prisoners in Ethiopia !!

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