World Refugees Day: THe Situation Worsens for Ethiopians

SOCEPP (20 June 2019) – The number of refugees all over the world has increased by millions and their plight and condition has worsened dramatically. Of the 70 million displaced all over the world the one with more than three million displaced–a record holder–is none other than Ethiopia.

While a concerted propaganda has been spread in earnest to convince the international public that change and reform has come to Ethiopia the grim reality is that the hated and repressive system of the TPLF/EPRDF has continued with vigor.

  • More than three fourth of the political prisoners are still jailed and no account has been given on the dozens of the disappeared;
  • The TPLF/EPRDF Constitution is still in place and ethnic discrimination ratcheted up under new ethnic supremacists;
  • Anti people decrees are still in place; journalists stifled or jailed;
  • Poverty has reached sky high, the cost of living unbearable and the regime’s claim of economic progress still a sham;
  • Ethnic extremists let loose y the regime have slaughtered and engaged in ethnic cleansing thereby internally displacing more than 3 million Ethiopians;
  • Thousands continue to flee to neighbouring countries, to hell hole Libya and the Middle East.

The deplorable reality that Ethiopians live in has led to their plight as internally displaced or as victims of modern day slavery as refugees. The fake story of change and reform in Ethiopia, spread to cover up the continuation of the hated system, has now been exposed. A country with far too many anti democratic laws and decrees, a country with more than 12 million people depending on food aid and starving, with more than three million people internally displaced, with a murderous ethnic cleansing in progress, etc can hardly be considered as country in progress and development. The rule of law, never in evidence, is now further compounded by the criminal rule of extremist ethnic militias and thugs sponsored by the regime itself on ethnic grounds.

The popular demand for an all encompassing transitional process and government was sabotaged by foreign interference and Ethiopians have been forced to live an illusion of change under the repressive and ethnic chauvinist regime in power. Sad to say Ethiopians are thrown unto a degrading and horrible state of life as refugees both inside and outside of their country.

Support the struggle of the Ethiopians people for their basic rights!
End the anti people repression and the ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia !!
Repeal all the anti people decrees and release all political prisoners !!