March 8, 2013: International Women’s Day – THE WORSENING PLIGHT OF WOMEN IN ETHIOPIA

EPRP's Norway Section:  … Presently more than 45,000 are sent to domestic slavery in Saudi Arabia. Every month no less than eight young Ethiopian girls are killed or commit suicide in the Middle Eastern countries. The regime itself has admitted that pre teen girls are no prostitutes in the brothels and streets of Addis Abeba itself. Thousands of women have been displaced (and forcefully resettled afar) from their land and villages because of the regime sponsored massive land grab by Indian,Chinese and Arab firms. Read More …

Suri People in Omo Repressed by Regime


SOCEPP: The Suri people inhabiting the Lower Omo region are being chased of their lands, imprisoned, tortured and even killed by the regime in Addis Abeba that is overseeing the huge Gilgel Gibe III project and because it has given vast tract of land in Lower Omo valley (500,000 hectares) to mainly Malaysian (Indian and Chinese are also present) firms that plan to grow cereals, palm oils, etc for export.  Read More…

Only for … is no Freedom

Freedom only for the members of the government, only for the members of the Party – though they are quite numerous – is no freedom at all.  (Rosa Luxemburg)

Ethiopia makes help difficult for world donors advocating civil society, rights


By William Davison:  "'Why has this got right in it?' they asked," remembers Patrick Berg, the foundation's former Ethiopia director, who just returned to Germany after deciding that the agency and its zealous application of a restrictive new law made meaningful work impossible.  Read More…

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