Letter to Pope Francis I: Ethiopia Expects an Apology


EPRP: The Vatican apologized to Jews and more for errors made in the past. Refusing to declare a simple apology to Ethiopia (and Libya too) would inevitably push us all to conclusions that may not be nice to hear. Racism is not a nice epithet to pin to a church when millions of its members are black Africans.  Read More…

AESED—IEWO In Geneve for UN Meeting


Amnewsupdate: At a UN meeting IEWO representative joined ASAFED and participated at a Panel discussion on Women’s access to justice. … The discussion took place at the palais de Nation on Thursday February 28 at 3 pm.  AESED IEWO representative was one of them.  Read More…

From Ethiopia to Vietnam, researchers map reach of German-made government spy software


By Associated Press:  The report said evidence for the Ethiopian government’s use of FinFisher was particularly strong, explaining that Citizen Lab had found an example of the spyware which spread through a booby-trapped email purporting to carry images of Ethiopian opposition figures. Once the Trojan was downloaded, it would connect to a server being hosted by Ethiopia’s national telecommunications provider, Ethio Telecom.  Read More…

Why Are We Funding Abuse in Ethiopia?


By Helen Epstein:  The only way to find out whether development funds are being spent as they should be is to listen to the intended beneficiaries or—in repressive countries like Ethiopia where people are often afraid to speak out—the human rights advocates who represent them. That the World Bank managers have until now ignored these voices does not inspire confidence in their willingness to ensure that our tax dollars are being properly spent.  Read More…

Why Bob Geldof is wrong about Africa


Greg Mills:  By praising Tony Blair’s Gleneagles agreement, celebrity economist shows he knows nothing of the absurdity of aid.  …  Regardless, Geldof still fails to understand that African development solutions, like the problems themselves, are principally domestic, and have to be founded in sustainable business logic not political gestures or NGO activism. Read More…

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