Ethiopia makes help difficult for world donors advocating civil society, rights


By William Davison:  "'Why has this got right in it?' they asked," remembers Patrick Berg, the foundation's former Ethiopia director, who just returned to Germany after deciding that the agency and its zealous application of a restrictive new law made meaningful work impossible.  Read More…


Obama: Failing the African Spring?

By Helen Epstein:
  Perhaps most worrying of all is the unwillingness of Obama and other Western leaders to say or do anything to support the hundreds of thousands of Muslim Ethiopians who have been demonstrating peacefully against government interference in their religious affairs for more than a year.  Read More…

The Legitimate Ethiopain Orthodox Tewahedo Holy Synod Gospel Conference

Statement of Declaration from the Leqal Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Exile

Here is a statement of declaration released by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhaedo Church-in-Exile based on deliberations at its latest Synodal Meeting held from January 15-18 in Los Angeles, California. The statement discusses in detail the failed peace and reconciliation effort to end the division within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), why it failed, and who was responsible for the failure. Moreover, the declaration contains several resolutions intended to reach out to all Diaspora EOTCs, including those that have remained neutral for almost two decades, while offering a set of goals that the Exiled Synod seeks to accomplish in the years ahead.  Read More…


Too undemocratic to split

By Tesfay Atsbeha:
  It is being disseminated that a certain group of the TPLF and Bereket are trying to purge some veteran members of the TPLF. Purges are not new in the TPLF, but it is a break from the tradition of the TPLF, if a group has really disclosed its intention before taking an irrevocable measure.  Read More…

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