Illegal Invasions, “Rogue States”, Forgotten Victims and a Shaming Plea

By Felicity Arbuthnot:
The usual suspects have embarked on another mass butchery – sorry “training exercise” – in mega-resource-rich Mali, and are meddling, with lethality, in Algeria.  The US plans a drone base on the Mali-Niger border, as John Glaser has written, one of:   “a constellation of secret drone bases in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, in Ethiopia, Djibouti, the Seychelles, and beyond -which bomb Yemen and Somalia and most likely perform surveillance missions in East Africa and the Persian Gulf."   Read More…

News Alert

since Thursday after protesting students were tear gassed,clubbed and evicted from the campus by the Weyane police. The students were calling for the release of ten jailed students who were activists protesting against the "corrupt administration ".

Ethiopian journalist arrested for covering Muslim protests

CPJ (Nairobi, February 1, 2013):
Ethiopian security forces have detained for two weeks without charge the editor of a newsmagazine and accused him of incitement to terrorism, according to local journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities to release Solomon Kebede immediately and halt their harassment of journalists affiliated with the weekly Ye Muslimoch Guday. Police in Addis Ababa, the capital, on January 17 arrested Kebede, managing editor of the now-defunct paper Ye Muslimoch Guday ("Muslim Affairs"), and took him to the Maekelawi federal detention center.    Read More…

Is Professor Messay Kebede Real?

By Wondusirak Ainalem:
  “Many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”   The above quote best describes Professor Messay Kebede, the fanatic Derg high level blue uniform wearing cadre who now lives in exile in the USA and spews out, time and again, vitriolic attacks against Ethiopian intellectuals who fought and died for their country. His latest pompously titles piece “Beyond Ideology: The Betrayed task of Ethiopian Intellectuals” is a case in point.  Read More…

Hidden Agenda behind America’s War on Africa: Containing China by “Fighting Al-Qaeda”

By Ben Schreiner: 
For in order for the U.S. to harness Asia’s (read China’s) growth and dynamism — and thus cement America’s Pacific Century — the U.S. must come to also harness the growth and dynamism of Africa.  The U.S. containment of China, then, requires a pivot of sorts to Africa. Only the African pivot appears set to fall under the banner of that ever-malleable “war on terror.”  Read More…

The Consequences of Intervening in Syria

By Scott Stewart (Vice President of Analysis, Stratfor): 
The French military’s current campaign to dislodge jihadist militants from northern Mali and the recent high-profile attack against a natural gas facility in Algeria are both directly linked to the foreign intervention in Libya that overthrew the Gadhafi regime. There is also a strong connection between these events and foreign powers’ decision not to intervene in Mali when the military conducted a coup in March 2012.  Read More…

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