Support the Struggle of the Sudanese People

Ethiopian People´s Revolutionary Party (EPRP): The EPRP fully supports the struggle of the Sudanese people and their call for the end of the Omar Beshir dictatorship. It calls on all forces to strongly condemn the blind repression that the regime has unleashed in order to crush the peaceful protest of the people.

For many years the regime of Omar Beshir has waged wars against its own people and committed crimes labeled against humanity at a world level. As a close ally of the Tigrean regime in Addis Abeba it has also participated in the crimes against the Ethiopian people and caused the deaths and suffering of many refugees. It has grabbed several square miles of Ethiopian land ceded to it by the Woyane regime. The economy of Sudan is in ruins and the Sudanese people have been the first victims of the regime’s bankruptcy, corruption, and political oppression. Sudan has sent soldiers to help the Saudi led destruction of Yemen. Beshir is trying to amend the constitution to be reelected president again in 2020 despite the fact he is one of the dictators staying in power for long. The Sudanese people yearn for democracy and justice and heir protest which started opposing the rising cost of living has changed into a protest calling for regime change and the formation of a transitional government. Up to now the regime has killed some 41 protesters, arrested hundreds and labeled the masses as “terrorists” and foreign agents. With talks of an anti Beshir coup d’état in the air, the EPRP calls on the Sudanese people to learn from the Ethiopian experience and not to let others hijack their struggle for a change of regime and the establishment of a transitional process. The EPRP also condemns those foreign powers that have declared support to the Beshir dictatorship and cautions them from standing against the struggling people of Sudan.

Down with regime of Omar Beshir !
Denounce the repression by the Beshir regime!!
Full support to the people of Sudan !!